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Interior Floor Epoxy Installation

At JN Designer Epoxy, we are experts in providing high-quality epoxy installations that cater to both residential and commercial requirements. Our remodeling system showcases a diverse array of design choices, allowing us to create seamless interiors that align perfectly with your desired aesthetic. Whether you prefer a sleek, modern look or a rustic, textured finish, our team of skilled craftsmen will transform your floors into stunning focal points that withstand the test of time. Elevate your space with our expert floor epoxy installations and experience the perfect blend of durability and style.

Outdoor Surface Epoxy Installation

Improve the appearance and long-lasting quality of your outdoor surfaces with our outstanding epoxy installation services. The outdoor epoxy application ensures that your current outdoor surfaces remain free from cracking or spalling caused by moisture. Our team of professionals will efficiently manage the installation process from beginning to end. Your most common application areas for exterior epoxy are sidewalks, around pools, decks, porches and parking bays. 



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