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Our Epoxy Installation Services

Floor Epoxy Installation

At JN Designer Epoxy, we are experts in providing high-quality epoxy installations that cater to both residential and commercial requirements. Our remodeling system showcases a diverse array of design choices, allowing us to create seamless interiors that align perfectly with your desired aesthetic.


Outdoor Surface Epoxy Installation

Improve the appearance and long-lasting quality of your outdoor surfaces with our outstanding epoxy installation services. The outdoor epoxy application ensures that your current outdoor surfaces remain free from cracking or spalling caused by moisture. Our team of professionals will efficiently manage the installation process from beginning to end.



Countertops, Pools, Bathtubs, Walls and Custom Builds

Enhance the interior of your home with our premium epoxy installation services. We specialize in a wide range of applications, including resurfacing countertops, sealing granite or marble countertops, pool coatings, bathtub coatings, accent walls, shower walls. Additionally, we offer custom built wood pieces that can be expertly finished with epoxy. Our knowledgeable team will skillfully install epoxy that flawlessly complements your home's unique design.


Custom Design Options

We are proud to offer a wide range of custom design options for our epoxy installation services. Our team of experts will collaborate with you to develop a distinctive design that complements the interior of your home. Prior to installation, you will receive a personalized sample for your review.


Epoxy Maintenance

To ensure the long-term durability of your epoxy surfaces, we provide comprehensive maintenance services for commercial installations. Our team of experts will proficiently handle all essential repairs and maintenance tasks to maintain the pristine appearance of your epoxy surfaces, particularly in high-traffic areas.


Why Choose JN Designer Epoxy?

Expert Consultation

    Our experts will provide you with a comprehensive consultation to ensure that our epoxy installation services meet your specific needs and preferences.

Professional Installation

    Our team of experts will handle the installation process from start to finish, ensuring that your epoxy surfaces are installed correctly and efficiently.

Quality Control

    We maintain strict quality control measures to ensure that all of our epoxy installations meet our high standards of quality and durability.
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